Who we are

South West Autism is a speech pathology practice that aims to provide quality support, therapy and skill development for children and adults with features consistent with Autism Spectrum Disorders. The practice also provides training and intervention for clients with a range of other communication difficulties and developmental disorders.

Sabrina de Beer, the principal speech pathologist, has extensive experience working with children and adults who have severe and complex disabilities resulting from a range of diagnoses. Services are provided in the client's own home, school or community. Sabrina de Beer is registered to provide services under the Better Start and HCWA programmes.

All intervention is aimed at increasing clients' social skills, independence and participation. Rather than providing regular ongoing therapy, the practice provides assessment, carer support and training as well as consultative services. This style of intervention is designed to achieve identified goals and behavioural outcomes over an agreed number of sessions.

Autism Diagnostic assessments are completed in the child's environment and in partnership with a psychologist.


Please email or call for more information and to discuss your therapy needs. (click here for contact details)

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